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The Move

Who wants to come help the Dorfman family move? Anytime today, tomorrow, or Monday (some moving and clean up crew on Mon). We will feed you! Not to mention you'd have my heartfelt gratitude and that of my family. This is a serious inquiry. We have to get out of here and I'm exhausted, and my parents are too old to be doing this. Any help, even for half an hour, would be greatly appreciated.

Can call me at 610-446-5558.
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I cant help, because i am far away, but by any chance is your name julia?
No, I'm Jen, but you might be thinking of Julia Dorff...she and I tend to get that sometimes:)
hahaha, thanks!
Sorry about that.
Good luck with the packing
i dont know, less often than you might think...
Ok then I do, I guess, 'cause I used to get that a lot.