Christine (decndintoanoose) wrote in xhtownx,

Havertown Skate Park

I dont know if any of you guys know me, but my name is Christine McWilliams. I am in charge of the H-Towns Skate Alliance. The Skate Alliance is a group of kids who plan, raise $$ and most importantly are major advocates for the Havertown Skate Park. I am planning a show in conjunction with the Haverford Township Recreation Department.
Its at:
Haverford High
February 12, 2005
6pm - ???

I have a few bands already who may or may not be willing to play but I would also like to get a few more bands involved. If you guys are in a band or know anyone in a band please let me know.

Thus far Im in the process of speaking with: A Modest Promise, Pucker Up Velcro Lips, and Dirty Larry, all of whom I am aquaintances with or know personally.
So if interested in either playing or helping drop me a message on here, or for faster response email me at:

Thanks so much...

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